Halifax EG Programme 2019-2020

If you would like to come for an evening as a visitor, you are warmly welcome. There is a small charge of £6.

Fri 6th September 2019 (Raffle Theme: Brown)

AGM/Display & Judging of 2019 Annual Challenge (Twinchies) & 2019 Chair’s Challenge (cupcake)/Launch of 2020 Branch and Regional Challenges/Introduction to Christmas Gift Exchange

STITCH: Introduce monthly stitch/technique task – Canvas work stitches 

Yarndale, Skipton Auction Mart, 28th-29th September 

Fri 4th October 2019 (Raffle Theme: Trees)

Speaker: Helaina Sharpley, wirework artist (

WORKSHOP: Sunday 6th October 2019, Helaina Sharpley 3D wirework picture 

Regional AGM Saturday 19th October at Scarcroft nr Leeds.  Speaker: Natalie Raw

Sheila Butterworth Memorial Outing: Saturday 26th October (Bowes Museum) 

Hebden Bridge WI Rag Market – Sat 19th October 

Friday 1st November 2019 (Raffle Theme: Fire)  (Committee Meeting) 

Speaker:  Emily Notman (

WORKSHOP: Saturday 2nd November, Emily Notman – Dye, stitch and embellish textile wall hanging

Crafts in the Pen,Skipton Auction Mart – 16th-17th November 

Knitting and Stitching Show, Harrogate – 28th November-1stDecember 

Friday 6th December 2019 (No raffle this month)

Xmas Fuddle/Xmas Jumpers/Xmas Activity (Jane & Abigail)/Xmas Quiz/Xmas Card Exchange 

PLAYDAY: Sunday 8th December – Xmas themed

Friday 3rd January 2020 (Raffle Theme: Snow/Ice)

In House Practical Activity (Jane & Abigail – NY Resolutions Hoops)  

Friday 7th February 2020 (Raffle Theme: Weather) 

Speaker: Dionne Swift ( ‘Establishing a Rhythm: A stroll through my creative career’

PLAYDAY: Saturday 8th Feb 2020 – PhD/UFO/Regional Challenge work

Spring Quilt Festival, Harrogate, 21st-23rd February 2020 

Friday 6th March 2020 (Raffle Theme: Gardens) (Committee Meeting)

PLAYDAY: Sunday 8th March 2020 – PhD/UFO/Regional Challenge work

Sewing for Pleasure, NEC, 15th – 18th March.             Stitch and Share Day, Riccall, 15th March

Friday 3rd April 2020 (Raffle Theme: Planets)

National Embroiderers Guild AGM, Newcastle, April 2020 TBC   

Hebden Bridge WI Rag Market, 4th April 2020

Friday 1st May 2020 (Raffle Theme: Spring) (Committee Meeting) 

Working on Regional Challenges 

WORKSHOP: Sunday 3rd May 2020 with Liz Cooksey ( – 3D wire, paper, crochet, mounted natural forms

Friday 5th June 2020 (Raffle Theme: Sun)   

Please bring all entries for the Regional Day Challenges

Regional Day, Saturday 6th June, Riccall

Friday 3rd July 2020 (Raffle Theme: Beach) 

Speaker: Anne Kelly (

WORKSHOP: Saturday 4th July 2020 with Anne Kelly – Folk influenced printed fabrics & hand stitching

Regional Summer School: 10th-12th July

Friday 7th August 2020 (Raffle Theme: Floral) (Committee Meeting)

Summer Fuddle/This evening is free for visitors so bring a friend.

PLAYDAY: Saturday 8th August 2020 – PhD/UFO Day

Festival of Quilts, NEC, 30th July – 2nd August                Art in the Pen, Skipton Auction Market, date TBC

British Wool Show, York Auction Centre, date TBC        Great Northern Quilt & Needlecraft Show, Harrogate,

                                                                                       Aug/Sept TBC

Friday 4th September 2020 (Raffle Theme: Birds)

AGM and launch of 2021 Challenges.  Display of 2020 Challenges.

Workshops 10-4:

3rd May – Liz Cooksey. 3D wire, paper, crochet, mounted natural forms.

3rd July – Anne Kelly. Folk influenced printed fabrics and hand stitching

Play days 10-4

8 Dec – Christmas

8 Feb – UFOs, regional challengeWork

8 March – UFOs, regional challenge work

8 Aug – UFOs, regional challenge work