Sew for the Soul – a new project

At the start of 2020 I set myself the challenge to stitch once a week, just for the love of stitch.
I am always busy stitching, but looking back at 2019 all my sewing was always for someone else or to have an end product to sell. Even though I loved creating all my work I felt that in between teaching at school, being a mum and wife as well as running HanneMADE I wanted space to breath so #sew4thesoulhannemade started.

The initial plan was to stitch each Sunday evening and each month have a different focus. To add to my challenge I decided, not only to record it on Instagram, but also create a video each month in case anyone wanted to join in.
I have always believed things happen for a reason, little did I appreciate what was coming and how this would help others.
During the current lockdown the project the has gone worldwide with others creating their own pieces. I had to spead up the project and the work I planned to take a year has just finished.
You can see the project over on my YouTube challenge -AnneBrookeTextile artist or there is a link on my
On there, if you would like to do the project, are videos of my work, but also of work done all over the world including some of our members in the community videos.
In these strange times I know a lot of people have lost the inkling to stitch and feel a little lost. This project has brought people together of all different abilities and even started people hand stitching for the first time. If you only spent 30mins a day or an evening a week it is surprising what stitch can do can for your mindfulness and mental health.

This Sunday I am starting a new project that will follow along the same lines as project 1 but this time it will be a fabric book. It is a great way to use things from your stash and there will be prompts and tasks for you to follow or you can do your own thing.
There will be videos on YouTube and a hashtag so you can follow others on Instagram and I also post on my Facebook page.
If you add this to your post it means other that are doing the project can follow your work. If you follow the # you will also see the work of others doing the challenge too.
I hope this may give you a project to do, with no pressure and just to reconnect with stitch and join a growing community.
I am missing you all and hope that you are all well and safe and look forward to a Friday when we all can meet again
Anne xxx

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