Mélange means a mix, a collection of different things. Which is also probably how you feel at the moment! Sewing is bringing comfort to a lot of people, and many are finishing off projects or discovering and using stashes they have had squirrelled away. Others are joining on-line projects and sharing a connection and purpose that way.

So we thought it would be nice to share a few things members are doing at the moment and maybe they will inspire you to do a a few minutes of something stitchy!

Judith’s pin cushions (Sue Hawkins kits)
A book of fastenings in the making for her grandson
Jan’s Zippy bag
Jan’s Nuno felting
Deborah’s quilt called ‘Al Quds qabbeh’ (Jerusalem chest piece)
Jacquie’s needle-felted bird for national stitch day
And some fabric dying for the regional challenge
Julie has made these from a kitted square wool using wool form the family’s Ryeland sheep and hand dyed in memory of her grandson to raise funds and awareness for Forget Me Not Children’s Hospice.
Wyn is working on pages for a linen fabric book
Rachael has been working on Anne Brooke’s #sew4thesoul project
As has Jan
And Judith
Jan is a member of Piecemakers a group led by Annie Lancaster (of The Crafty Owl based in Elland.) ‘We are creating 20 panels (each 60cms by 100cms)based on the Ogham-a Celtic calendar which comprises 20 different trees. My panel has lots of different techniques on fabric and paper including hand and machine stitching,appliqué,quilting and printing. All of the fabrics used including the background are old linens. Our exhibition at Halifax Minster (which should have been now) will go ahead- hopefully later this year.’
Jeanette is developing wooden block prints
And Sue is making all things Japanese!
Abigail was inspired by http://kellyfletcher.co.uk/ to make shy Easter bunny cards and buns in hoops
Jane’s Superhero quilt – a present for her grandson
Janice, hand-binding her quilt – almost there!
Wendy has been problem-solving to re-line and Edwardian handbag, very tricky!
And we leave you with Wendy’s rainbow made for Jessica’s baby using a small motif from our Janet Brown workshop

Hope you enjoying looking through our melange? Happy stitching!

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