Sewing for the soul

People are rummaging, stroking piles of fabric, grouping threads into delicious colour palettes…. what’s going on?

Anne explains a project you might like to join in with below!

#sew4thesoulhannemade started in January 2020 after I decided I would like to sit and stitch, just for the joy of stitching at the end of each week, instead of having to ‘make’ something all of the time.

So hunting through my stash I selected a colourway and collected together fabric and thread and made a start on putting a project together. I know how others love a project so began sharing my piece via my Instagram page and inviting people to join in. The original plan was to have a task each month to work on.
January – Gather your stash and the straight stitch. February – Suffolk puffs. March – Adding knots (French, bullion, pistil and colonial).

However, with the current situation, more people have been joining in and sharing some beautiful work. So I have moved tasks to every 2 weeks to keep everyone going. It is very addictive and enjoyable losing yourself in the colours, fabric and techniques. I am not sure it will last the whole year as I am running out of fabric on my strip but I will continue to post ideas that can be explored and played with. There is now a growing community on Instagram if you follow #sew4thrsoulhannemade you will see the beautiful work that is evolving week on week.

To support the project I also ventured onto YouTube and have begun uploading a video with each task along with other projects I have been doing.
If you would like to join in please do so. You can do as little or as much as you wish, but I warn you it is hard to put down once you get going.
There is a link to my channel on my and you can keep up to date on Instagram hannemadebyanne

Happy stitching xxxx

4 thoughts on “Sewing for the soul

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  2. Although I’m not a member of the guild, I love to follow your blog, and I am one of Anne’s groupies.
    Well done to Anne in what she has accomplished and the community she has brought together with her stitch projects.
    You’ve made a good difference to people’s lives over these trying days and I just wanted to applaud her.
    On Thursday night I will be clapping for Anne and all creatives who are making a difference. Youre up there with Grayson Perry Anne xx


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