Sew what?

At our meeting on Friday, we all brought our current sewing projects and told the group what we were making. There were a lot of comments afterwards saying how nice it was to listen to each other and find out a bit more. In a large group like ours, it’s easy to miss some of the huge variety of work. So without further ado here is our gallery!

Jane – #sew4thesoul work
Anne – visit her YouTube site at #sew4thesoul
Natalie – #sew4thesoul work
Rhona – bird based on Nancy Nicholson
Jacquie – bluebell wood
Margaret – felted landscape
Maureen – lichen
Sue – family wedding book
Wendy – Nicola Jarvis bird
Jeanette – work inspired by vintage costume detail
Wyn – fabric book
Catherine – red work
Davina – #sew4thesoul work
Margaret – work for Wyn’s felt jug kit
Abigail – Finishing a found vintage tablecloth, and little brooches
Dulcie – toolkit holder
Sharon – Crochet shawl
Sue – cross stitch
Rachael – stitching sky
Janet – needlecase

Our next meeting is on Friday April 3rd. If you would like to visit, please contact us via the tab at the top.

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