Anyone with small children in their life won’t have missed the new film of the season, Watching someone who is two dance around the living room to the songs brings the magic in itself.

Well last night a bit of Christmas magic was cast as Halifax became frozen for a short while.

Pages from a book by K Libbrecht.

Jane and Abigail produced small snowflake kits for us all to create decorations. These were all made on grey felt and most stitched in white using various snowflake patterns which were traced onto ‘Stitch and Tear’ paper.

Beautiful samples from Jane

Some of the work in progress from the evening:

And what would a Christmas meeting be without a few festive adornments? So in no particular order….

Award for biggest ear rings
Award for sparkliest bracelet, and for being able to sew in it
Award for classiest animal jumper
Award for most smiley Christmas duo

We have a raffle every meeting, but at the Christmas meeting we have a free ticket each and THIS is what we were all hoping for. I can’t tell you who won in case she gets mugged! 😁

Last but not least, the Christmas gift swap was a small notebook which was to be covered. Just look at all these beauties! I had to beat the members back to get photos as they were all so excited and couldn’t stop picking them all up to look at.

So with that, may we wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year and see you in 2020 Xx

Photo, Rachael

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