Challenging times

Last night’s meeting was our AGM and the start of a new guild year. Aside from the usual business, it’s also the long anticipated announcement of the challenges for the year which sees us scuttling home to have a delicious think about what to make.

It’s also the time to show this year’s challenges from the Chair and to vote for favourites. For 2019 we had a small silicone cupcake case to turn into a pincushion and for the on-going monthly challenge, it was to make ‘twinchies’ (2 inch squared tiny textiles).


There was a tempting selection on offer:

And the winner was a cupcake beehive with paper bead bee pins from Rachael.

Why not have a go, these would make attractive gifts and as many of us found, it is easy to stitch into the silicone case to secure your work or to embellish further?

Here are a few of the twinchies produced over the months:

And the winner was Janice with her book containing twinchies, well done!

Sue Lawrence also brought in her twinchies to show the group, completed on cruise but previous to our challenge:

Margaret, Janet B and Sharon we’re stitching into their sashiko projects, with a couple of small cases already completed…

Janet Hook’s embroidery of her own home is looking wonderful. Expand the photo to see details of the fine stitching.

So for this year, challenge one is to take a Gutterman’s cotton reel which is to be a needlecase as you can undo them and find a secret needle store inside, and to embroider a length of material to wrap around the reel and unscroll. Alternatively you can embroidery straight onto it.

Challenge two is to stitch different canvas-work stitches onto something canvas-like but not canvas. For example, a fruit net, wire mesh or plastic material. This month’s stitch is cushion stitch.

So to finish, overheard tonight:

‘I’ve just spent a whole week tidying up my workroom because I couldn’t find something I needed. Now I can’t find anything at all!’

Familiar? 😀

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