Meet our member, Sue

Hi my name is Sue Bellamy and I am currently chairman of Halifax Embroiderers Guild. I am now 62 and I started stitching, knitting and crocheting when I was 5 at school and I have loved them ever since. My paternal grandad Edward (Ted) Greenwood was chief designer at Salts Mill in the late 30s/early 40s, and my dad, Ken, had a lifetime working in textiles so my life has been held together by thread and colour.

I first joined the guild at 21 – the Yorkshire branch, and I was a regular at the Leeds meetings winning the Challenge Cup in 1985 with an embroidered picture frame.

My Challenge Cup winning entry 1985 “A Picture Frame” canvas work and wrapping subject husband Andrew and dog Sally.

At the time I lived in Keighley and went to Yorkshire’s “working groups”“in Skipton and Bradford moving from the former to the Halifax group after I married and moved to Calderdale. I can vividly recall my first meeting at Calderdale group it was December and my dear friend Jill and I both turned up on the first Friday evening of the month at the then Halifax Parish Church (now Minster) church rooms basement. A superb supper greeted us – they were having the annual “fuddle” (sound familiar?!). We were mortified as we had only brought our stitching! They were delighted when we rocked up to the January meeting with home made biscuits. Not long after this we moved to Maurice Jagger Centre and 20+years ago devolved into a separate branch and have never looked back.

A stumpwork box top from a Raggidy Annie course 2018

I am now in the hot seat after so many years of great work from the glorious Wyn Ingham and I am proud to follow her and to now head up a group that has meant so much in my life and given me so many friends over the years. I am no great stitcher these days finding knitting better suited to my deteriorating eyesight and arthriticky fingers and but I look forward to,and love the first Friday of the month and still stitch when the spirit moves me. I am never disappointed by the fabulous work produced by our members and the way they always rise to a challenge.

At a Raggidy Annie course in 2018 making an indian fabric book cover.

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