Dear Emma

This week we welcomed Cathy from Dear Emma Designs.

Cathy’s first memory of textiles was rummaging through Nanna’s button box, captivated by the smell and pieces of thread still attached to the buttons telling the history of their lives. As a four year old, her Nanna would talk to her as she sat on her knee and guide her hands on her magical old sewing machine.

Having worked in a few different industries, Cathy longed to work around her passion for making and textiles. The uprising of handmade crafts and national media attention in the area proved timely as she turned towards her dream. Cathy and her friends, both called Emma, would share letters asking about feedback on her sewing ideas. She then entered a local craft fair, and sold her first few pieces of work which gave her the confidence to go forwards.

Eight years later Cathy found growing recognition as a textile artist and started selling all over the world, harnessing the power of social media and market branding.

Cathy spends her time cutting out small pieces to assemble for her designs, up to 180 pieces! The fine detail bringing out the detail in her designs.

We loved seeing her work and cards, and hearing about working with companies such as Country Living and Bug Art cards.

She is now developing her original work into prints so that there is a range for all.

Many of her pieces have a kite flying in the sky. Cathy told us the tale behind that, but it’s our little secret! Let’s just say it involved marmite and toast…

Cathy’s year ebbs and flows as she prepares for various seasonal opportunities and shows. We just don’t know how she fits everything in as well as being a mum, but we are very glad she does!

A few of the works in progress at Cathy’s workshop – more on our Facebook page, link below…

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